Sports competition begins at Varnett

Varnett launches this year's sports program when the Southwest boys middle school basketball team travels to Kipp Sunnyside High School for a matchup tonight, December 6, 2021.
The team, a member of the Texas Charter School Academic & Athletic League, will follow that game with another at Al-jihad Academy on Wednesday night, said Mr. Lonnie Reynolds, Varnett's athletic director.
The games are several that will occur this week and beyond as Varnett eyes intra-league and intra-district competition in basketball, chess and flag football, with plans to expand activities to soccer and track-and-field for both boys and girls across the district.
For example, the Northeast flag football team will travel to the Southwest campus for a spirited contest late Thursday afternoon.
Meanwhile, the Southwest chess team has been practicing for weeks as the district looks for tournaments for the players to compete.
"We're looking at the possibilities for chess-team competition at Southwest and East,"  Mr. Reynolds said. He's also exploring opportunities for girls' basketball at Southwest and Northeast.
Soccer and track-and-field would come in the spring.
"Our kids are very excited, especially the girls," Mr. Reynolds said. "These activities will enhance our students' academic experience at Varnett, especially in the area of discipline."
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