Students celebrate 100 days of school

PreK and kindergarten students celebrated 100 Days of School on Friday, January 27, 2023

Students of The Varnett School Northeast were encouraged to dress up as 100-year-old people. Only a few students did so but every single student enjoyed the day with different hands-on activities their teachers had for them that day.

100 days of school

One-hundred days of school, which is a little more than the halfway point of a full school year, challenges students to use their imaginations to express their vision of the century mark.

According to the Edmentum blog, 100 days of school presents "a special opportunity for students to reflect on their hard work and celebrate all the progress they’ve made, and there’s a lot to celebrate for making it through these first 100 days!"

Story by Ms. Yolanda Valadez, Northeast parent liaison