Parents pack Northeast Campus for open house

Parents and students packed the multi-purpose room and others lined the hallways as Northeast Campus kindergarten-through fifth-grade director Yolonda Brown talked about expectations for the 2011-12 school year.

The turnout was so overwhelming that Mrs. Brown held two sessions for parents and students in the multi-purpose room.  More than 200 parents, plus their children, showed up for the two-hour get-together..

Mrs. Brown talked about information in the 2011 parent/student handbook and introduced each member of her staff to the audience, who responded with applause.

She emphasized that a key issue for the new school is to curb bullying and that violations will be addressed quickly.She urged parents and students to report to her or her teachers immediately if there are signs of bullying or acts of intimidation.

"Bullying will not be tolerated," Mrs. Brown said as several parents nodded in agreement.

Parents later met with their children's teachers, who showcased their classrooms and talked about learning, testing and fund-raising projects. They were also briefed on classroom rules and the district's homework policy.

Parents and students capped off the evening by munching on hot dogs prepared by the food staff.

"We had a very good turnout," Mrs. Brown said today. "The parents were very enthused and pleased about how everything is going."