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Students write about their experiences with drummer Bubbha Thomas, jazz band

Bubbha Thomas brought his famous “Jazz & Poetry Series” to the East Campus Feb. 21 and his band performed several jazz tunes for the students from the East and Northeast campuses. Following are short essays from students describing what they learned from the Black History Month event:

“Have you ever been to a program? Well, I have. I’ve been to a Black History program. The program was fun. Let me tell you about it.

“I will now tell you what we learned. The program was about jazz and poetry. We learned that jazz started years ago in New Orleans. We also learned how to clap our hands to different beats. We were all having a good time learning.

“Next, I will tell you what we did. At the program we had a chance to sing. We also had to clap our hands and snap our fingers with the songs. We also had a chance to go onstage and play musical instruments. The dance troupes had a chance to dance.

Lastly, I will tell you who we met. At the program there were many people performing. There was a drummer, a pianist, a person with a guitar and a person with a tuba (Ed: Actually it was a saxophone). We saw them perform. At the end we talked to them.

Now you know what I did at the Black History program. I told you about who we met, what we learned and what we did. The program was both educational and fun. You should go to Varnett East Campus and go to the Black History program next year so you can enjoy, too.”
-Sarah Amari, 4th grade, Northeast Campus

“Have you ever watched a program about Jazz? Well, I have. It was funny and interesting. I liked the program because I heard them play music. They were funny and they told us funny stories. Let me tell you more about it.

“I like Jazz because they were playing music. At first they played some songs that were in the past. Then they played another one. After they played three, they let us play the instruments. They also told us how it was played.

“I like Jazz because they are funny. One of them was dancing with a teacher. Another one ran all around the room….

“They told us funny stories about the instruments. They said stories about the drums. They also asked us a question about the guitar. They said a funny story about the saxophone. Now you know what I learned from Jazz. Now what did you learn from Jazz?
-Johnny Flores, 4th grade, Northeast Campus

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