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Varnett Northeast Goes to the Rodeo

Every year, the Varnett Public School spends a day of fun at the Houston Rodeo. This year March 7 was the special day as 134 third- through fifth-grade students, 10 teachers and 64 parent chaperones from the Northeast Campus along with their director Ms. Yolonda Brown and Pre-K district director Ms. Melissa Cluff, enjoyed a day of games, food, rides and fun learning at the Reliant Stadium.

As soon as they got off the buses, everyone headed into Reliant Center where most of the educational activities were stationed. The students, of course, were very interested in seeing the animals first. Most of them stopped by the petting zoo, to feed or just to pet the various animals: baby goats, llamas, donkeys, ducks, and deer. At the milking parlor, students learned how to milk a cow. A pig named Ms. Piggy that had 15 babies also fascinated the students. By the poultry booth was a area where the students watched as eggs hatched. The other booths in the hall were of agriculture and horticulture.

Inside the stadium also was a booth where students, teachers, and parent chaperones had their pictures taken for free. Among the most popular booths that sold merchandise was the Sandsational booth. The students bought little empty bottles and chose various-colored sand to put into the bottles. The students enjoyed pouring sand into their bottles and coming up with different designs. There was plenty of other merchandise sold such as clothes, shoes, children’s items and a whole lot more.

Rides, games and food
Food was another major attraction in the Rodeo. Outside Reliant Center, there were various food stalls selling delectable items. The students sat with their parents, teachers, and classmates and chatted happily as they munched their sack lunches from school and the food they bought from the stalls.

After eating, the students’ immediate stop was the tent where the kids between the ages of 2-7 were riding sheep. There was also a tractor race and a camel ride. Of course, the students couldn’t wait to get on the rides and play the games. They eagerly went to the ticket booth to purchase their ticket card so they could get on the rides and play the games. Most of the kids got on a big slide. The kids spent the rest of their time getting on the rides and playing the games. They were very bent on winning stuffed animals. Everyone was having a good time and taking pictures at the same time.

Everybody rendezvoused to board the bus at 1:00PM. There was much chatter in the buses as the children talked about their experiences that day. Most of them had the same sentiment: “Today was a fun day. I can’t wait to go to the Rodeo again!”

Ms. Kira Sarabosing

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