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Parents meet teachers, learn about district policies

More than 150 parents converged onto the Northeast Campus Wednesday night to learn about key guidelines in the The Varnett Public School Parent Handbook.

Attendees gathered into the multi-purpose room while others stood in the hallways during the nearly hour-long presentation. New Campus Director Suyapa Gomez was assisted by Twilet Alexander, Southwest Campus director and head of special education and bilingual education, and Dora Morrow, who’s in charge of attendance and discipline.

They emphasized that bullying will not be tolerated, gave a detailed description of the dress code and talked about upcoming field trips. They also said that any student who brings a weapon or a weapon facsimile to school can be expelled for the remainder of the school term.

The teachers, who marched through the crowd as they were introduced, were greeted with applause. The 37-page handbook also addresses policies on homework, transportation, visitors, cafeteria services, discipline, parent and community involvement, English as a Second Language and special education.

Members  of the audience applauded when told that school bus transportation for field trips will be free, except when they are to areas outside the Houston city limits.

For those who do not have handbooks, pick up a copy at your child’s campus.

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