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Parents visit campus, gear up for exciting school year

Parents came en masse to the Northeast Campus Thursday night to hear Varnett Superintendent M. Annette Cluff and Campus Director Twilet Alexander set the tone for expectations and policies for a new year that has now completed its first week.

The turnout reflected the vast number of students who have enrolled at the Northeast Campus, a record 555 as of Friday. Overall, the district has enrolled more than 1,900 students at the three campuses, also a record.

Dr. Cluff and Mrs. Alexander conducted a review of the 2013 Parent Handbook, which was printed in both English and Spanish to accommodate the diverse population at the campus.

Key topics included policies regarding student attendance, bus transportation, weapons, field trips, parent and community involvement, discipline, birthday celebrations, the pledges of allegiance and bullying.

“If you feel your child is being bullied, notify us immediately,” Mrs. Alexander said.

The school held two one-hour sessions, one for parents of PreK and Kindergarten students, and the other for parents of 1st through 5th graders.

The superintendent told parents about the school-teacher-parent-student compact. Under the provisions, parents are responsible for monitoring their children's attendance, homework assignments and television watching. Teachers are responsible for sending frequent reports to parents concerning their child’s progress and “offering reasonable opportunities for parents to volunteer, observe and participate in classroom activities and..conferences.”

Dr. Cluff also discussed the pending expansion of the campus for its student body. Other issues included an internet safety policy in which students with access to school computers will be blocked from inappropriate websites. Mrs. Alexander said that administration will be electronically notified if any student attempts to access inappropriate material.

Parents were reminded that classes start at 8 a.m. and end at 3 p.m. Parents or guardians of PreK through second grade students must be at the bus stop after school to meet their child or the child will be returned to the campus until someone in an official capacity picks him or her up.

Several teachers were in attendance and had the opportunity to meet some of the parents. Curriculum Night will be September 11 and Family Night with dinner will be held on September 18. Mrs. Alexander said an open house in which parents can visit classrooms and have a greater interaction with teachers and staff will be October 2.

Parents who do not have a handbook may pick one up at the campus.

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