Family Night a hit for eating, learning, bonding and having fun

Parents can’t seem to stay away from Varnett.

First there was Parent Night, then Grandparents Day followed by Curriculum Night. And the most recent gathering, on September 18, was Family Night when more than 400 parents and family members joined students at all three campuses for hot dogs, chips and juice. But it also was a time for games that were both fun and educational.

The event was another example of how parents are continuing to show their support for their children in activities designed by the Varnett charter school. Next up will be Open House next month when parents will have the opportunity to spend quality time with their children’s teachers in the classrooms.

On Family Night, students and parents teamed up to play games such as Bingo, Go Fish, checkers, Monopoly, Don’t Break the Ice, Connect 4  and others that tested the students’ math and reading skills, the ability to follow instructions and an opportunity to be creative.

“The idea was to have a family gathering in which they could play educational games and have fun at the same time,” said Ms. Gayle Voltz, East Campus director, adding that 74 parents came to her campus.

Northeast Campus reported that more than 200 parents showed up for the occasion; Southwest, 115 and Southwest PreK, 32.

“We had a great turnout,” said Karla Wood, administrative assistant at Northeast. “The parents were smiling and the children were smiling."

Southwest Campus used the occasion to give away library books to enthusiastic students, said Leza Bradley, the administrative assistant. Those books serve as a reminder that education continues in the home long after classes at Varnett have ended. Teachers at all three campuses joined students and parents in the activities.

“We tried to find games that link to the students’ subject areas,” Ms. Voltz said.

Photos on right, top to bottom: East, Northeast, Southwest