A Teacher Who Cares

By Michele Colbert

Late to bed, Yet early to rise
I'm changing minds, I'm changing lives
Reaching out to catch them before they fall
Answering the questions, heeding the call
Teaching yours, mine and yes, theirs too
Being the difference, being the glue
That holds them together to pass every test
To tell them it's what's on the inside that makes them the best

To shape, mold and even to scold
But done with love, from a mother's heart
Because this is where they learn from the very start
That learning is a road, a journey never ending
That takes you on adventures, wherever life may be sending
That no matter where your life begins,
Whoever your father or mother may be, you are only limited by what you believe

So for every Billy Bob, Tameka or Javier,
I'll be your guiding light - a teacher who cares
For loving you, is loving me
It is in your future where I'll find destiny

For being a teacher is a job like no other
Inspiring a generation to reach even further
Beyond your fondest dreams to realities so true
Justifying the price for all that I do
So for every child, yes the haves and have not's
The TK's, PK's and Be Be's too!
A teacher who cares is looking out for you!

Ms. Colbert is a PreK3 teacher at the Southwest Campus