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Northeast Campus holds Student Council elections

Students on Tuesday, Nov. 4, participated in exercising their right to vote at the Northeast Campus.

The Student Council elections occurred on the same day as the mid-term elections throughout the country. Students were selected by their peers in each homeroom classroom.  After the homeroom representative was selected,  students prepared speeches and posters campaigning for their particular office.

Ms. Peggy Stokes, our faculty sponsor and 4th grade reading teacher, is excited about the opportunity to provide leadership and guidance to the newly-elected student council members. 

We also are excited to announce the winners of the 2014-15 Student Council:
--President:  J'Nayh Holman
--Vice President:  Angel Montes
--Secretary:  Daisy Garcia
--Treasurer:  Rotger Sorto

The mission of the Varnett School Student Council is to allow students to become responsible leaders within our community and to nurture in all students the traits of good citizenship.

We will accomplish this mission by doing the following:

--Serve as a source of communication between the student body and the faculty and administration of the school.
--Provide opportunities for students to participate in the government of the school while promoting and maintaining high standards of individual responsibility, cooperation and maturity among students.
--Share in the development, promotion, coordination and management of school activities.
--Help others in our community in order to bring awareness about those less fortunate.

Thanks to all for participating in this important process.

Ms. Fisher
Northeast Campus Director

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