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Northeast fifth-grade promotion ceremony

On June 3rd the Northeast Campus celebrated the promotions of our fifth-grade students.
The theme for the event was "Reaching for the Stars." Our fifth-grade students will be promoted to 6th grade as they enter middle school.  Ms. Fisher, the campus director, reminded parents that although the students are moving up and out of Varnett, it is imperative that parents take an even more active role in their students academic journey.
Fourth-grade student Daisy Garcia paid tribute to the 47 students and provided words of encouragement. The fifth graders presented a skit on "Life in the 1960" and highlighted the injustices of racism and segregation. The ceremony was held at the Eden Event Center which accommodated more than 200 guests and was a huge success.
We wish our fifth graders much success as they enter the next phase of their academic journey.
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