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Houston police officers swear in 5th graders for safety patrol duties

On October 28th our 5th graders participated in the second annual swearing-in ceremony. 
Houston police officers Fontaine and  Davis led the swearing in of our newly appointed Safety Patrol composed of 10 students. The main purpose of Safety Patrol is to help PreK and Kindergarten students safely enter and exit the building, monitor the restrooms during breakfast and assist in reminding students of hallway expectations.
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Safety Patrol students were chosen based on their ability to be organized, responsible and reliable. They also are expected to be good citizens because their role of helping other students is most important.
Each safety patrol member pledged the following:
• Report for duty on time.
• Perform my duties faithfully.
• Strive to prevent accidents.
• Always set a good example.
• Obey my teachers and officers of the Patrol.
• Report dangerous student practices. 
• Strive to earn the respect of fellow classmates.
We thank our students for their participation.
Ms. Fisher
Northeast Campus director
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