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Students take pledge to fulfill safety patrol duties

Eleven students at Northeast Campus repeated an oath today to uphold all standards of being members of the Northeast Safety Patrol.
Officer Fontenot, of the Houston Police Department's Northeast Division, delivered the oath.
The safety patrol pledge went like this:
I promise to do my best to:
--Report to duty on time;
--Performs my duties faithfully;
--Strive to prevent accidents and always set a good example;
--Obey my teachers and officers of the patrol;
--Report dangerous situations; and
--Strive to earn the respect of fellow students.
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After the oath was administered, the official safety patrol members were presented with certificates and were allowed to visit Officer Fontenot's patrol vehicle and even turn on the sirens.
A huge thank you to the HPD Northeast Division and congratulations to our safety patrol students.
Story and photos by Ms. Anna Medina, parent liaison for the Northeast Campus
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