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Young "mad scientists" work their magic

Watch the students in action (Video)

Students working with shaving cream on their faces?

It was “mad scientist” hour at the Northeast Campus recently when about 100 students, grades pre-k through second, engaged in action-packed projects in the cafeteria.

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Using various household products, students swirled around shaving cream with their gloved hands near a poster that declared “Let’s make slime!” They worked with clay, simulated volcanic eruptions, created telephone cups, weighed blocks and worked the microscope.

It was all part of a science project that prompted students to unleash energy and be creative at the same time.

Why Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education is important

Ms. Anna Medina, the parent liaison for the campus, led the effort as students rotated in and out of the cafeteria to work their magic.  During this time, other science projects lined the walls near the school entrance.

In the end, everybody had a great time.

Student council member talks about the science projects (Video)

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